World Space Week 2017

"Exploring New Worlds in Space"

  • October 4, 1957: Launch of the first man-made satellite, Sputnik 1, thus opening the way for space exploration
  • October 10, 1967: The signing of the UN treaty for the peaceful uses of outer space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies
  • The broad goals of World Space Week Celebrations are the following;

  • Provide unique leverage in space outreach and education
  • Educate people around the world about the benefits that they receive from space
  • Encourage greater use of space for sustainable economic development
  • Demonstrate public support for space programs
  • Excite young people about science, technology, engineering, and math
  • Foster international cooperation in space outreach and education
  • The week long celebrations are coordinated by UN with the support of Space Week International Association and local coordinators in various countries, based on a theme declared by World Space Week Association (WSWA), every year. The WSW event organisers are encouraged to explore, develop and apply this theme in all the programmes conducted throughout the week. It fosters international cooperation in Space outreach and education, focusing on the contributions to the betterment of mankind

    The theme of World Space Week 2017"Exploring New Worlds in Space", is a forward looking theme that serves to inspire the World. The prime focus is on astrobiology missions like New Horizons, Engineering marvels like Lockheed Martin's Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle and revolutionary space technology projects such as Space X. It also give emphasis on other entities with a vision for exploration and utilization of extraterrestrial resources, such as metals from meteoroids &asteroids, water from the Moon, and unlimited solar energy in Earth orbit.

    In Kerala, World Space Week is celebrated every year under the auspices of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC) and ISRO Inertial Systems Unit (IISU), Thiruvananthapuram, since 2001. During WSW, events and educational programmes with special focus on Space are organised within and outside VSSC, based on the theme declared by UN